About the Project

This blog began as a process journal during my work on a masters’ thesis project during 2012 and 2013.

I was (and continue to be) interested in what happens at the intersection of science and design, though not in the way people tend to think about these fields. Rather than asking how we might dissect the “science of design” or apply “design thinking” to scientific pursuits, this project explored how human-centered design can inform communication strategies to promote public science understanding, and perhaps more importantly, acceptance for scientific consensus (and all its implications!)

I’ve documented and reflected on my design process along the way, including my explorations on the rhetoric of scientific discourse, the psychology of denial, and the age-old challenge of making science both salient and sexy.

The process itself culminated in a thesis document that you can download as a pdf, or read as a bound copy.

Thought I’ve submitted the final thesis project and completed my master’s degree, I may continue to use this blog to reflect on relevant topics from time to time.