Design and science communication, together on the big screen.

by Jen

As I mentioned a few months ago, I was selected to present a PechaKucha talk at this year’s Interaction Design Association (IxDA) conference in Toronto, Interaction13. If you’re not familiar, PechaKucha is a format where speakers must use exactly 20 slides, running for 20 seconds each, to present their ideas or story. For me, it was a  fun challenge to condense the main ideas of my thesis work into a 6 minute, 40 second talk (and in the end, I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome but it was fun and I learned quite a bit). Several people approached me with great feedback and lots of input and I look forward to the continuing conversations I’ll have in the coming weeks with many who found an interest or for whom these ideas resonated.

Originally, I developed the narrative arc of this talk in a longer format, with more detail and examples particularly about my own work that build on these ideas, and that version delivered me through several rounds of auditions for the student speaker competition associated with the upcoming TEDxCMU event this March. (I was, alas, not selected for that honor but made it to the finalist round nonetheless, and also came away with some excellent new leads for the future of my work; you’ll see more of that soon). That process was immensely helpful in crystallizing my thesis work into concrete main ideas and aided in the development of my thesis poster last semester.

I’ve decided since the PechaKucha talk went over so well and I didn’t end up being selected to give the longer talk at TEDxCMU, I will record the longer (better) talk myself so I can share it easily here and elsewhere. (Hopefully sometime later this week). In the meantime, feel free to watch this shorter version from Interaction13.