Bill Nye: child advocate.

by Jen

In my eyes, Bill Nye can do no wrong. However, I thought I’d share this video (recently making the internet rounds) as a prime example of a scientist (most likely egalitarian-communitarian) communicating a strong message in a manner that will really only reach similarly minded egalitarian-communitarians. He even pleads that we think of the children, for heaven’s sake, invoking the family metaphor discussed in my previous post.

Problem is, no one who believes in creationism or intelligent design is likely to be affected by this message. Changing attitudes in a 2 minute video probably wasn’t Bill Nye’s goal (or if it was, it wasn’t realistic)… but I wish I had a dime for every moving speech or rousing commentary made by scientists to this effect. Then I would spend all those dimes trying to create the same message with a narrative frame that actually appeals to and may even change the minds of some evolution-deniers (and hierarchical-individualists and those who score lower on Openness and higher on Conscientiousness and so on and so on…)